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Tung Pei has been established since 1966 under technical co-operation with NTN CORPORATION, JAPAN.

The policy of obtaining first-rate talent, maintaining superior quality standards, constantly updating techniques and responding to customer requirements has enabled Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd to experience continual growth. The company has achieved its objectives through team work, integrity, dedication and co-operation between management and staff.

On behalf of the management and staff of Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd. I would like to thank our customers throughout the world for their continuing confidence and support.

We are all aware of the critical part played by bearings in the efficient function of modern machinery and for this reason our whole company is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards at all levels of our operation. To assist us in communicating with the international market, we are pleased to make this booklet available to our existing and potentia... [more]
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